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    Royaltie Gem with Clive

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    Business Details

    The Royaltie Gem gives you the ability to automatically promote your business to every nearby Android phone. You can create a promotional message to broadcast to all Android smartphones in the area, offering a great way to get your business name and services to a local audience.

    Business owners from across a range of industries can benefit from the use of Royaltie Gem proximity marketing. Whether you sell products or are service based business, the Royaltie Gem is a useful marketing tool.

    The Royaltie Gem requires no cellular data or wifi connection. You can keep your device in your car to promote your brand anywhere you go. You can attract new customers by marketing directly to them through their Android Phone.

    This small, powerful device gives you a new way to reach your audience. For more information about the Royaltie Gem please visit our Facebook Page or contact us using the form below.

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