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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answers to the most commonly asked questions

    We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you still have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you, so please feel free to email Mandy and Candice directly on hello@networknz.nz
    What are the Breakthrough Member benefits?

    As a Breakthrough Member, you can:

    • Have a directory listing in our well ranking business directory, in up to 5 categories
    • Attend coffee catch ups by registering your attendance on our website
    • Attend online business coaching sessions
    • Access the full library of online coaching sessions, and all business resources (Free and Breakthrough) 
    • Link your business in recommendations posts in the Network NZ Business Community 
    • Access our Breakthrough Members Only Facebook group
    • Access our sub-groups such as Bloggers, Markets & Giveaways and Engagement Group
    • List Items for sale in our Nework NZ Online Shopping Group
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Participate in collaborative giveaways and quarterly markets
    • Receive promotion with regular Facebook shout outs 
    • Network and build relationships with other business owners in a more personal, relaxed group setting

    Ready to grow your business with great support and business growth opportunities? Sign up as a Breakthrough Member here.

    What are the Breakthrough Lite Member benefits?
    What are the Free Member benefits?
    How do I tell what membership I have?
    Why is it a payment subscription?
    How do I cancel my payment subscription?
    I’ve forgotten my login details, how do I log in?
    How do I update my business directory listing?
    How do I pay?
    How do I list my business in your directory?
    What happens when my membership expires?
    How do I make the most of my membership?
    Where can I find coaching sessions and business resources?
    How do I renew my membership?
    I’ve sold my business, can I transfer my membership to the new owners?
    Can I promote my second, third or fourth business? 
    How do I cancel my membership? (e.g. I’ve closed my business)
    We have more than one owner, or staff member we would like to have access, can we do this?
    What is the Leader Panel and who are the Leaders?
    I’m interested in becoming a Leader, how do I do this?