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    I’m Jon-Paul Hale

    Willowgrove Consulting

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    A Little Bit About Jon-Paul

    Willowgrove Consulting is owned and operated by Jon-Paul and his wife Satya. Established in 2012, Willowgrove Consulting specialises in Medical and Disability Risks and Insurance, though they can also help you with any other insurance needs too.

    Together with Louisa as his Personal Assistant, Jon-Paul or J-P as he likes to be known, believes that life is more than paying the mortgage and insurance while raising the kids; life is about living. It is this philosophy which drives him to identify the most suitable insurance policies for each of his individual clients through completing detailed insurance risk assessments.

    A genuine family man with values to match, J-P is happily married to Satya and they have four children aged from pre-school to late teens. As such, he certainly understands the pressures that being self-employed and having parental and family responsibilities can bring.

    Brought up in a household where owning and operating your own business was the norm, J-P has been exposed to a wide variety of business opportunities and structures. He was also awarded the PAA New Life Insurance Adviser of the Year 2015 from the New Zealand Professional Adviser Association. This recognises that since 2000 when J-P started being involved within the financial services industry, he has continued to grow and develop his in experience and skills within the financial services industry.

    Willowgrove Consulting and their insurance advice differs from the big branded institutions such as banks who offer insurance under one brand and one provider. That’s because they can access a wider range of options and solutions that specifically fit you. In fact, you can think of them as a one stop insurance shop who does all the legwork to find the right provider or providers for your needs.