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    Why Is Personal Branding So Important For Your Business?

    Did you know that how you present yourself can impact on your branding? When you are the face of your business, all eyes are on you. What sort of representation are you giving with your personal branding?  Building your own personal brand is just as important as your business branding. Your business will struggle to reach its full potential unless it aligns with who you are and what you are passionate about.

    Recently we had a chat with the amazing Amanda Betts from Heart Speak about personal branding. She had some amazing insights and we would love to share them with you here. You can also watch the full recording here if you want to hear about these gems firsthand.

    Here are our top 5 tips to consider when it comes to your branding…

    5 Top Tips For Personal Branding

    1: Know Your Why

    Why do you do what you do? What gets you out of bed every day and motivates you to drive forward in your business?
    If you haven’t quite figured it out, then make it a priority to watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on knowing your why. You can watch it here. Let’s face it, you should watch it anyway as he is amazingly inspirational!

    Anyway, knowing your why is a key part of your personal branding. It tells past, present and future clients what you stand for and why they should work with you. There are probably hundreds of people out there doing the exact same thing that you do. But your clients choose to work with your business because if who you are.

    If you are struggling to bring the right clients to your business, it could be because you aren’t clear on your why. After all, how can you expect to attract your ideal clients if you don’t even know why you are doing what you do?

    2: Collaborate With The Right People

    Advertising is expensive and involves a process of trial and error to find what really works for your business. That is why it is so important to build collaborative relationships.

    Firstly, people take recommendations seriously. A positive endorsement from another business is far more powerful than anything you can say about your own business. Secondly, aligning your business with complementary brands allows you to both gain leverage from each other. They will refer great clients to you, and in return you will refer great clients to them.

    Word of mouth referrals deliver you warm leads and cost nothing but time and energy to obtain. You just need to make sure that you network with the right businesses. Their offerings should have synergies with your own, but not be in a competing space. Their overall business values should also align with yours so that you are both attracting the right kind of clients.

    3: Branding Is All About Storytelling

    No one who owns a business is ordinary. You have answered a calling from somewhere to do what you love, and what you are meant to do.

    So tell your story.

    But tell the story that you want to tell. You have many elements in your life. You might be a parent, a friend, a professional, an entrepreneur, or something else entirely. You do not need to broadcast your whole life to the world, simply the parts that are important to your brand.

    Your personal story is a massive part of how your business operates. You would not be in the position you are today without your story. It will be interesting, engaging and relatable for your audience. It will also draw people towards your business. The right kind of people.

    4: Branding Is About Values And Perception

    You are who you are and you should not try to hide it. Your values dictate how you run your business. And your own personal style is a reflection of your brand - the clothes you choose to wear, how you style your hair, your jewellery, your tattoos, and your piercings are all a display of who you are.

    Having said that, you are in control of your story, so you get to choose which parts you show to the world. You may choose slightly different representations of you, depending on who you are meeting with. Doing this doesn’t change who you are or what you stand for, but it helps you to relate to your relevant audience.

    For example, if you are meeting a really good friend for a chat about collaboration you would probably choose a different ‘look’ then if you were entering a corporate office. Your branding is still the same, you are just presenting it in a way that will be well received by your audience.

    5: Content Is King

    It’s great to have your why, your values and your story sorted. But how are people going to know about all of these things unless you put it out there for them to see? The way to do this is via compelling content. Your website is your home base and should represent everything about your business, the colours should be right, the imagery should represent you and the copy should be carefully crafted to tell your story.

    From there, your other content should build on it. Your blog should provide amazing value to your audience, highlight your values, and display that you really do know what you are talking about. Your newsletter should be a constant reminder of how you can solve your audience’s problems - saving them time, stress and money. And your social media should build on all of this and allow people a peek behind the curtain of your brand.

    Every awesome business is propelled into awesomeness by producing awesome content.

    As you can see, branding is far more than a pretty logo. You are your brand. So it is important to be crystal clear on your why, your values and the story that you are going to tell. That way, your audience can get a clear picture on what your business is all about.

    If you loved these personal branding tips then you should definitely join us in the Network NZ Business Community for more amazing info. We are a close knit community who love to help business owners with buckets of knowledge and support.

    Can’t wait to see you there!

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