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    How To Run An Awesome Market Stall For Your Business

    Markets of all shapes and sizes are more popular than ever. There is a real return to the feeling of “supporting local”, so most areas host at least one or two farmers, food or craft markets regularly.

    Having a market stall is an excellent way for small businesses to get started, test new products, reach new audiences, or just create an extra revenue stream. The financial outlay is minimal, yet it’s a great way to network, build your brand, and get feedback to grow your business.

    These days, however, you need to do a bit more than park your car and display your wares in the boot to all passers-by! Today's markets are slightly more sophisticated.

    Here, we share our best tips to help prepare you for market stall success. 


    How To Run An Awesome Market Stall For Your Business

    Use Creative Displays

    Markets are busy places full of noise and colour. You will want to stand out among all that hustle and bustle to draw people in! Get creative and find some unique theming to give your stall that point of difference.

    Displays don’t have to be expensive to have an impact. Reuse and upcycle, go op-shopping for cute shelves or unique curiosities, or use wooden crates. Display key items at eye level, and others higher and lower, so people can see what you are offering without having to stand directly in front of your stall.


    Stay On Brand

    Brand consistency is essential no matter what you do. Make sure that your brand colours, style and theme are reflected in your stall. You also need to ensure your name is prominent enough that people will recognise and remember it.

    Get creative with how to incorporate your branding. Think brand coloured shelving, a printed tablecloth with your logo, cool backdrops, and displays crafted from complementary materials.


    Mix It Up

    Try and do something a little different every time you set up your stall (as long as you stay within those brand guidelines!) Regular marketgoers might assume that if your booth looks the same, they have already seen everything you have to offer. So, they might not bother coming for another look! Give it a little refresh to keep drawing people back.


    Provide Print Media

    People might love your products so much they want to find you again, or perhaps they aren’t ready to buy on the day but are interested in purchasing in the future. Have a stack of postcards, pamphlets, brochures or business cards that people can take away. Make sure you include your website and social media info to make it easy for them to find you.


    Build Your Mailing List

    Keep a sign-up sheet on a clipboard with a pen so people can add their email addresses, helping you build that priceless email list. Of if you prefer the more digital option, you can download the Mailchimp app and have people sign up on the spot via a table. These are potentially long term, loyal customers if you manage to capture their interest and build that relationship.

    Providing incentives can help encourage people to sign up, such as offering automatic entry into a prize draw or signup discounts.



    Markets are a great place to network! Not only are you meeting potential clients and customers, but fellow stallholders may have professional advice or insights to offer. Chatting with them could lead to future collaborations or even just great new friends!

    People cannot buy from every market stall on the same day. But networking with them now could prime them to buy from you in the future.


    Advertise Your Stall

    Don’t forget to let people know about your stall. Update your current customers via your newsletters or social media, and invite friends and family along to support your endeavours. Don’t just rely on the market hosts for promotion. Collective advertising of the market benefits all the businesses that are attending. So don’t be afraid to share info about upcoming market dates.


    Market stalls can be a lot of fun, and give you the invaluable experience of running a small business without putting all your eggs in one basket. You can get on the spot customer feedback, tweak your “mini-store,” and build great face to face relationships with your purchasers to take your business to the next level.

    For more great advice and support, check out Network NZ - a great place for New Zealand businesses to connect and network online.

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