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    Creating Balance In Your Business

    Have you ever seen that meme floating around on social media that says “I love running my own business because I get to choose which 18 hours of the day I work!”

    Yep, it’s funny. We have all laughed at it. The sad truth for many of us is that statement is pretty close to home.

    You might not work 18 hours a day in your business. But it is almost guaranteed you are right in the thick of the hustle. There seems to be this unwritten rule that if you aren’t pushing yourself to the absolute brink, then your business will never be a success.

    We call poppycock on that! 

    Alright, we don't really. It was just a funny word we wanted to say. But, we strongly believe that creating balance in your business is vital for your sanity. You don’t have to work until the point of burnout and exhaustion.

    Instead, implement some of these great tactics in your business to create that elusive balance we are all striving for.

    How To Create Balance In Your Business

    Find What Works For You

    The most important tip we can give you is to find a system that works for you. It needs to align with your workflow and how you like to get things done. 

    So, if you are an early riser, you won't want to waste that time doing menial tasks. You will want to jump right into the more complicated tasks while you are at your freshest. But if you need a few coffees and some time to get going in the morning, doing the menial tasks first can get you in the swing.

    There are so many tools, resources and ideas out there. You might have to test a few of them, but eventually you will find the one that helps you to create balance in your business.

    What Is This Balance?

    People talk about creating balance in their business all the time. But what does it truly mean?

    We believe that balance is a combination of things. It should mean that you have enough time to comfortably fit everything into your week - the includes work, family, social and sleep! Sleep is definitely an important one. It also means that you have the money to be able to do what you want to do. You don't necessarily need to be rolling in it, but covering your bills and having some left over is always nice. 

    Balance will not look the same for everyone. So it is important to understand what it means for you. Think about how many hours you want to work each week, how much do you need to earn, and what are your goals for this year. This will help you to determine what your balance looks like.

    Right, now that you know what it is, let’s look at some ways you can create it!

    Creating Balance In Your Business

    Set Boundaries

    If you don't manage to set any boundaries in your business then it means anything goes. Clients could call you at 11pm on a Sunday evening if you allow them too. You could end up working those 18 hours a day if you are not careful.

    Prevent this from happening by setting rules for yourself to follow. These rules could be around the hours you work, how many tasks you take on a day, what you want to charge for your products or services, and simply how much you are willing to do for your clients.

    Set some boundaries you are comfortable with so your clients and customers know exactly what to expect from you.

    Be Consistent

    If you do not uphold your own boundaries then who will! Being consistent in your behaviour will allow you to create the balance you desire. Part of being consistent is forming good habits in your business. 

    Try these great habits…

    • Mono-task as opposed to multitasking. Focusing on one task at a time means you aren't losing time switching between this, that and the next thing
    • Turn off your inbox and your notifications. Clear them all at set times during the day to remove distractions.
    • Have set hours that are your work hours and some that are your downtime, makes sure you don't miss the important things because you are too busy working!

    Take Breaks

    You might feel that you can get more done if you power through. But after a while your brain will become tired and it will be harder to focus. Beat the brain blitz by taking regular breaks to recharge yourself during the day. It could be a 5-min sit in the sun with a coffee or a proper lunch break out at a cafe with the real 3-dimensional people! 


    Block Scheduling

    Mandy Chamberlin from Veronica and Me Designs swears by the Block Scheduling method. And she has introduced lots of our community to it!

    “I'm a big advocate for the block scheduling system. It really helps me focus on what I need to do at that time instead of being distracted in 15 different directions. It also means when I have down time I'm not feeling guilty about all the things I need to be doing because I know they have their time and place.”

    If you haven’t heard about it, you can learn about the Block Scheduling system here. The basic premise is that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, it is how you use them that counts. So, make the most of your time by dividing your day into blocks. Allocate tasks that you need to do in each block, also note down the things you aren’t going to do in that time (ie. check your phone during family time). 

    Jeanine Pickford from Creative Web Designs is also a fan of block scheduling.

    “I've also started using the block scheduling system this year (or my version of it). In a nutshell, I have 3 blocks of time per day for checking and dealing with emails, one big block per day for working on projects or other paid work, plus some other bits and pieces. I'm also trying to schedule meetings/phone calls after 1pm wherever possible. This because I'm more productive in the morning and also I don't want to use up my 'big block' work time with phone calls or meetings because then I'll get nothing done! I've also pushed out my lead times on project start dates, to take off some pressure and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.”

    Beverley Caldwell of Quarter Turn Marketing also uses block scheduling.

    “I've been doing some block scheduling too and it does help you focus on one thing properly. I definitely achieve more. On my To Do List (which can get a bit long), I pick the priority actions for the day and make a shorter list with just these on - this means I get them done and feel better - the nagging worry of not achieving and then panicking goes away.”

    Tracey Beard from Career Matters prefers to work in sprints, a longer version of the block scheduling… 

    “I schedule time for me at the start of the day - gives me the time to be creative and energize, so I can hit the day ready to go - sounds counterintuitive and selfish but it works! I also break my year into 8 week 'sprints' that feature a different biz theme and allow for quick focus and wins. Lastly, when I am overwhelmed I use the "Eisenhower Box" to decide what I need to prioritise.”

    Hopefully some of these tips for creating balance in your business will help you to beat the overwhelm and get a little more out of each day. 

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