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    4 Quick Tips on Using Pinterest for Promoting your Business

    Hi Everyone. My name is Amanda from Southern Bride and I'm a Pinterest-aholic.

    I'm such an addict that my pins have had over 1.2 million views in the last month (follow me here). As well as driving traffic for my wedding blog, I also run a wedding invitation and stationery design business, Be My Guest, and I have a consistent stream of orders coming in for my downloadable products from the USA (especially this one).

    The only marketing I do that's anywhere near the Northern Hemisphere is Pinterest, so I can say with a fair amount of confidence that Pinterest results in income for me.  This may seem like a drawback if your target market is NZ-based, and sure there are a large number of American users on the site, but the New Zealanders that are on Pinterest are craving NZ content, so it's a great opportunity to get your business in front of Kiwis who are actively looking for your products.

    4 Quick Tips on Using Pinterest for Promoting your Business

    My obsession with Pinterest means I'm often asked to chime in my 2 cents on how to make Pinterest work for other businesses. So I've pulled together 4 quick tips on using Pinterest to promote your business, and if you consistently stick with these you should start seeing some improvements:

    1. Understand that Pinterest is a Search Engine

    The first thing to understand is that Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine.  So you need to make your content findable.  Creating keyword-rich Pin Descriptions is really important. Keep in the back of your mind the type of words you might use to find the image you're pinning. A description of "Pretty" would be hard to find... but a description that says "Pretty Wedding Ceremony Arbour Ideas" has a much easier chance of being found. Here's an example that could easily just say "Save the Date" but instead has a much longer descriptive description: https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/243827767307975929/

     Same goes with your Board Descriptions and Profile - don't name your boards something cutesy like "Gettin' Down to Business", try "New Zealand Small Business Blogging Tips and Tricks". 

    Just like with website SEO, remember you won't see results overnight. Many of my most popular pins were pinned to Pinterest months ago. Consistency is king people (more on that later too)

    1. Optimise your Images for Pinterest

    Pinterest loves tall images - hence why you see lots of infographics on Pinterest but never see them on Instagram, right? So if all your website photos are currently landscape, consider creating some images that'll work better. 

    600 px wide by 800 px tall is a good size to aim for, but you can go a little longer - see one of my more popular pins here: https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/243827767306392612/ for an example of how I've combined a couple of landscape photos with text and handy information to create a pin that people can find, and then WANT to save (i.e. "repin").

    1. Pin from your website

    You won't get any traffic from Pinterest to your website, if you don't have any links to your website on Pinterest! So pin your own images to Pinterest from your website. 

    I make sure every page on my website is pinned to Pinterest, by including at least one Pin-friendly image. If you check out one of my wedding invitations here as an example- scroll right down the page and you'll find a really long image at the bottom, right? Then check out this pin of mine - https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/243827767305620407/ 

    Don't panic if you've got a ton of pages and no pin-friendly images - challenge yourself to pick one page or product a week.  Create an image and add them to your website. Pin the new image to Pinterest from your website, remembering to craft the perfect description.

    1. Show up on Pinterest

     As well as Pinning directly from your website, you can also repin images that other people have repinned from your website. Interacting with their pins means they might follow you, which builds your following (and therefore the number of people who see your pins!). 

    You can find out what other people are pinning from your website by going to this URL: https://www.pinterest.nz/source/(your website url without www) - so for example, to see what people have pinned from www.southernbride.co.nz, you type in https://www.pinterest.nz/source/southernbride.co.nz

    If you want to invest more effort into Pinterest but don't have the extra time (who does!), then consider using a scheduling tool. I am a huge fan of Tailwind - it has been a game-changer for me. You can trial Tailwind free for a month if you use my affiliate link. Tailwind allows you to sit down and easily bulk-schedule pins from your website (or other sites), then it'll drip feed them onto Pinterest for you, so you're consistently showing up.

    Tailwind Schedule Example

    I hope you've gotten some useful tips out of this - you're welcome to tag me into any Pinterest questions in the Breakthrough Members Network NZ Facebook Group and I'll do my best to help 

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