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    How To Prepare Your Customers For The End Of The Year

    The end of the year is fast approaching, which means we are well and truly heading into the silly season! 

    It is usually around this time you realise the countless things you still have to get done before the end of the year, especially as a small business owner. If the holiday season has crept up on you a little bit and you are feeling a little unprepared – never fear! 

    Here are some helpful tips for getting your customers (and your business) ready for the end of the year. 

    Prepare Your Customers For The End Of The Year

    Ramp Up Your Marketing

    This is the time of year that people are looking to buy. They just need half an opportunity to reach into their pocket and pull out their credit cards. So, now is the time to chuck a little bit extra on your advertising budget.

    If you haven’t quite got your holiday marketing planned yet, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to take a look at the campaigns you used in previous years. Which campaigns did your customers respond to the most? Did social media platforms work more effectively than email campaigns or vice versa? 

    You should also spend some time looking at what competitors are doing, to see what the new marketing and consumer trends are. And it goes without saying it should be suitably holiday themed! 


    Order And Delivery Reminders

    With all that extra marketing, the sales will be rolling in. Hopefully you will be getting a very well earned break at the end of the year, which means you might be slowing down or stopping orders/services for a few weeks. 

    This is especially important if you make goods to order, or need to dedicate your time to them before Christmas. After all, there are so many hours in the day and so many parcels that courier drivers can deliver on time!

    Set the right expectations for your customers by communicating order and delivery cut off dates. You could send out a couple of email reminders containing all of your order and delivery information, consider adding it in a prominent place on your website, and onto the bottom of order confirmations also. 


    Open/Close Dates

    The same advice applies as above! If your business is going to be completely closed with no staff around to answer customer emails or calls, make sure your customers are given the heads up. You should also double check that your out-of-office email replies and your voicemail messages contain details about when people will be back on deck to deal with queries and orders. 


    Don’t Forget Other Events

    While the majority of marketing and sales focuses on Christmas, this isn’t the only holiday to focus on. Boxing Day and New Year are other great opportunities to offer more deals to your customers. You might even have people among your customer base who celebrate other religious holidays. 

    You can build all of these events into your marketing campaigns to cast your net as wide as possible. If you are an online retailer, participating in Black Friday sales can be a great pre-Christmas boost!  


    Tidy Up Your Email List

    Your email list will be in overdrive over this period, so it’s definitely in your best interest to have it all up to date. It is a good idea to remove any unresponsive addresses or those who don’t open emails. Removing the unresponsive addresses from your list should also reduce the chance of your messages being marked as spam. 

    Keep in mind that over the holiday season, people are bombarded with email marketing campaigns. You should make sure your emails contain great information and attention-grabbing subject lines to keep competitive throughout this time. 


    Take Advice

    If this is your first Christmas in business, or you aren’t sure how to deal with a certain aspect of Christmas prep, then reach out to the Network NZ community. It is a free group packed with knowledge and experience. Join here if you are not already a member: https://www.facebook.com/groups/networknz/

    And if you need a little extra boost of support, you can join our Breakthrough Membership group to access an online webinar library, plenty of amazing resources, and access to our panel of industry leaders for valuable support and advice. Check out the memberships here: https://networknz.nz/membership/paid-resources

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