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    has your business planned for the end of year madness

    Has Your Business Planned For The End Of Year Madness?

    It’s October already?! We feel like we blinked and missed 6 months of the year!

    As it is less than two months out from the Christmas/New Year holiday season it means you probably have a lot to think about. Getting your business prepared for the end of year madness can feel like a mammoth task. There is a lot to think about, so if you haven’t started planning, now is the time to do it. 

    But where do you start? There seems like there is so much to do and it is hard to know what to focus on first.

    Don’t panic, we have you covered here at NNZ. Check out our tips for getting your business ready for the holiday break.

    Planning For End Of Year Madness...


    Before we get to the actual holiday part, there is typically a super busy period through November and December. You will need to make sure that you have enough staff on board to get you through. 

    Now that doesn’t mean you need to have employees. You can also utilise temps, contractors, or various family members to get you through. That way you aren’t committed to finding work for new employees if things quieten down after the Christmas rush. 

    You can also look into outsourcing some of the tasks that need to be done, but not necessarily done by you. That is things like your finances, content writing, social media posts, newsletters, or answering emails and phone calls. By removing the time consuming tasks from your calendar, you free up your time to focus on processing orders or serving your clients. 

    This busy period usually means you have some extra sales and income coming in, which is great. But in the lull after Christmas, it can sometimes feel like a feast to famine transition. Be sure to put some of your extra December earnings aside to get you through January and February when it can be a little quieter. 

    Changes To Business Hours

    Most businesses close down over the holidays or at least reduce their hours. This gives everybody a chance to have a break and take some family time. Make sure to decide on your holiday business schedule early and communicate it to your customers and clients. 

    It is also important for your staff and clients to know early so they can make their own arrangements. An email or e-newsletter is the easiest way to go – send one out during October/November and another reminder a couple of weeks before the holidays.

    Customer Service And Orders

    If you are closing for Christmas or significantly reducing your hours, there will inevitably be a delay in your services and/or deliveries. Customers expect this over the holiday break, but make sure you communicate early and clearly if there is going to be significant changes to your service or delivery schedule. It is important to manage their expectations so you aren’t coming back to the office to face grumpy customers! 

    Establish your cut off dates and make these super visible on your website and social media accounts, too. If it’s easier, just pause your online stores so no sales can take place during a certain period. 

    Covering Leave

    You (and any staff you might have) will be enjoying some well-deserved leave over December and January. It can be a tough balance between making sure you get some time off and being able to cover the essential work at the office.

    Remember that some tasks can be automated or scheduled ahead of time, such as email and social media updates. You can schedule a few weeks worth of posts to keep up your customer engagement or online presence – all while you are relaxing and enjoying the sun!

    Before You Go

    Check up on the essentials before everyone leaves the office, like your out-of-office email replies and your voicemail messages. Make sure they contain details of when customers can expect services to resume. Oh, and enjoy the break! 

    The great thing about being in a community like Network NZ is there is lots of advice and support. If you have a query about your end of year plans, pop it in one of the groups and you will get plenty of suggestions in return. And if you are looking for a bit of extra help, there is plenty of talent in the group to outsource to. 

    One of the best investments you can make for your business is to become a Network NZ Breakthrough Member. Not only do you get access to a wealth of knowledge in the online Facebook group, but we also have a massive amount of resources and webinars that will help you upskill in all areas of business. You can find out more by clicking here https://networknz.nz/membership/paid-resources

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