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    August 2018 People in Business Spotlight Blog | Network NZ

    New Zealand has so many amazing business owners doing awesome things and we want you to know about them!   Network NZ is passionate about supporting New Zealand business owners and helping their businesses grow so each month we showcase ten of these amazing people, so you can find out more about them too!  

    Bridgette Young - Off the Fringe 

    At Off the Fringe, you truly receive a salon and hair care experience!  Bridgette and her team are committed to using only organic and/or natural products to help clients who are choosing to use a healthier alternative to full ammonia based colour.  Bridgette loves teaching and educating clients on what makes their service different and how they can use the personalised prescribed programme at home to get the best results!

    Off the Fringe choose organic and hair products for better results and healthier hair.  If you are looking for highly trained, fully qualified, certified stylists to help you achieve your best hair ever, then get in touch with Bridgette today!

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     Off the Fringe

    Robyn Viljoen - Modlettes

    Robyn is Making Learning Easy with Modlettes, a platform that helps you convert your content such as videos, images, documents, quizzes etc) into a mobile learning solution.  Robyn loves demonstrating Modlettes capabilities to clients and seeing that look of absolute delight when they realise the many opportunities that the product can offer them!

    If you are looking for an education platform to help you with Making Learning Easy, check out Modlettes!

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!


    Heather Murphy - Eezapet

    Heather is on a mission for a SCRATCH FREE WORLD (for your pet)!  Eezapet is a premium pet health care solution for your itchy dog, cat or small pet that helps stop the itch of rashes, allergic reactions, hot spots, abrasions and skin concerns fast!  

    Having an itchy pet can be really stressful for both them and you.  Heather loves chatting with clients about allergies and helping them with a solution to help their itchy fur-babies!  

    If your pet is scratching or uncomfortable, get in touch with Heather at Eezapet today – your pet will thank you for it!

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!


    Karen Platzer - African Encounters

    Are you looking for a safari beyond your expectations, well you’ve found it!  Karen at African Encounters helps you take away the stress of planning a safari in Africa.  With 33 years of experience both living in and travelling to Africa, Karen loves to share her favourite places with her clients to help them create an enjoyable experience and memories to last a lifetime while also supporting sustainable, ethical tourism that benefits wildlife and local communities.

    Let Karen take you on an adventure to Africa!  Get in touch with Karen to plan YOUR next African Encounter adventure experience!

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     African Encounters

    Elley Mullany – Hummingbirds Boutique Gifts

    Elley has transformed her love for gorgeous fabrics into quality handmade gifts!  Are you looking for that perfect baby shower gift?  Or items for a someone with sensory issues?  Hummingbirds Boutique Gifts offers a great selection of baby and gift ideas all personally made by Elley.  She also offers beeswax food wraps which are the perfect solution to single use plastics!

    Elley loves seeing people light up when they see her products at markets, if you are looking for a quality handmade gift, get in touch with Elley today! 

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    Hummingbirds Gift Boutique 

    Irene Bennetts – Admin Army

    Irene is waging war on business admin®!  YOUR business admin!  Admin Army don’t want you sitting at your computer drowning in admin work when you could be focusing on the parts of your business that you love.  So many small business owners end up there, buy you don’t have to!  Let Irene take care of your bookkeeping and administration tasks remotely for you and help you win the admin war!

    Bookkeeping is one of their core services and Irene loves training others on how to use Xero – so much so she even started her own Facebook group with weekly tips!  She loves to see small business owners become empowered to take control of their Xero subscription and make the most of all of the fantastic features it offers!

    If you are tired of fighting the admin war alone, call in the troops!  Get Irene and her army on the front line today!

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!

     Admin Army

    Bianca Marie Richardson – Houdini Solutions Ltd

    Do you have a little Houdini in your midst?  Bianca is here to help you create a calmer world!  She loves getting out in her garage and tinkering with ideas and making new prototypes and now Houdini Solutions Ltd has invented seven sanity saving products for parents and caregivers of small children!  They include the Houdini Stop strap and the Click N Lock products to protect and contain your little escape artist in the car.  As well as the recently released Hat Hole to help your child’s hair escape the containment of their hat or beanie!  

    If you need a bit more sanity in your life (let’s face it we all do!), check out Bianca’s sanity saving products and let the Houdini Solutions Ltd products help you create a calmer world!

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!

     Houdini Solutions

    Kate Wright – Intentio Business Design

    “What the hell am I meant to be doing in my business today?”.  If you just asked yourself this question, you need Kate!  At Intentio Business Design, Kate loves providing perspective and helping people see the possibilities because the dancer doesn’t see the dance, they can’t see the dance from the point of view of the audience.  Kate helps you solve the ‘what next’ problem and helps you get clarity on what you need to focus on to move forward.

    Get in touch with Kate and take your mindset from befuddled to OMG what a great idea! 

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     Intentio Business Design

    Heather Blanchard - Heather Blanchard Accounting

    Heather Blanchard Accounting aims to make accounting affordable!  After many years in the corporate world, Heather decided to start her own business helping business owners with their accounting and over 8 years later, Heather is still your friendly mobile accountant, passionate about making accounting affordable!

    If you need help with your tax returns, PAYE or any other accounting jobs, get in touch with Heather.

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!

     Heather Blanchard Accounting

    Gill Petersen - Executive Motel Taupo

    Gill and her husband Steve provide a professional experience with a personal touch with the aim of making your visit to Taupo relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable.

    The Executive Motel in Taupo is located right on the waterfront, with Taupo’s shops, restaurants and great attractions only a short distance away

    If you are heading to Taupo and looking for a great place to stay, get in touch directly with Gill and Steve to book your next getaway!

    Visit their website and like them on Facebook!

     Executive Motel Taupo

    That’s all for this month, thanks for joining us!  Make sure to come back again next month and discover more NZ business owners doing amazing things so we can all continue to #SupportNZBusinesses!  If you would like to be featured next month, keep an eye out for the expression of interest post in the Network NZ Business Community Facebook group in the next few days!


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