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    July 2018 People in Business Spotlight Blog | Network NZ

    New Zealand has a vast array of talented people who are excited and passionate about what they do.  Each month we select a few businesses to showcase in our Small Business Spotlights, and this month, we are also taking a look at the people BEHIND the businesses.  After all, Network NZ is all about connecting and growing people in business.

    Lainey Te Whatu - Rocket Fuel Design

    Rocket Fuel Design was named by Lainey and her best friend after the "cocktail" of their youth, but it came to mean "the creative mix".  She loves the freedom of designing processes and coming up with new ways of doing things.  She loves being a business owner as she loves what she does and the limitless potential and excitment that comes from having your own business.

    Rocket Fuel Design is about supporting business growth through creative marketing.  They can help you with brand management, graphic design and marketing services.

    You can find out more about Rocket Fuel Design in the directory section of our website, and connect with Lainey on Facebook through her business page.
    Rocket Fuel Design

    Andrea Price - Hallo Brody

    As the inspiration behind the business, Andrea's son Brody was fittingly also the inspiration for the name, Hallo Brody.  However, Andrea wanted the name to be a little more unique than "Hello Brody" and as Brody was born on Halloween, she felt Hallo would be the right fit.  The business started out as a hobby for Andrea while recovering from an injury, but after realising her love for creating items she decided to turn it into a business which has given her the chance to stay home more with her son.

    Hallo Brody sells a range of personalised clothing printed in New Zealand!  They can also custom make items to suit your needs.

    You can find out more about Hallo Brody in the directory section of our website, and connect with Andrea on Facebook through her business page.

     Hallo Brody

    Tracey Beard - Career Matters

    Career Matters was created based on the fact that your career choice matters - to your identity, your self-esteem, your purpose etc, so it's important to get it right.  After the Christchurch Earthquakes, Tracey could see many student children of friends had lost their way and couldn't see the point of doing well at school and could see that without a clear purpose, depression and poor self-esteem could have an impact on their lives.  She started using career search questionnaires to help these students takea. bigger picture look at life and how they could use their skills to help their communities and the rebuild.

    One of Tracey's key values is "knowledge is power" which drives her to help clients build their self awareness and understand the Psychology of work so they can make better use of the results of their career search.  It is also reflected in her constant learning so she can have the best information for her clients about what is happening in the world of work.

    Career Matters is a career coaching service for teenagers and young people in New Zealand.

    You can find out more about Career Matters in the directory section of our website, and connect with Tracey on Facebook through her business page.

    Career Matters copy

    Craig Holder - CH Creative

    Craig's family inspired him to start his business and CH Creative was born as a combination of Craig's name and an element of what he does.  After having their daughter, Craig's wife became a stay at home mum and he picked up a second job.  He soon found he missed so much at home that they decided to start CH Creative and work from home.

    CH Creative is based in the beautiful Hawkes Bay and they help clients through New Zealand with web design and digital marketing services.  Their expertise lies in the creation of e-commerce websites and helping to build sites which are not only SEO friendly, but also turn web visitors into customers.

    You can find out more about CH Creative in the directory section of our website, and connect with Craig on Facebook through his business page.

    CH Creative

    Nicola Pallesen - Brusht

    Brusht started out as a brush lettering business and has evolved into a personalised engraved gifts business - with the same name.  Nicola began her business journey as she wanted more control over her day and owning her own business gave her this freedom while still allowing her to enjoy working as a teacher.  Her key value is people and she loves to see people feel special when receiving a gift with their name on it.

    Brusht provides a range of personalised gifts that are both unique and functional.

    You can find out more about Brusht in the directory section of our website, and connect with Nicola on Facebook through her business page.


    Gary Camoin - Captain Groom

    Gary always wanted own his own business like his father did and he identified mens grooming products as a way he could help men access products to help them take care of themselves.  Captain Groom came about as Gary wanted a name that easily identified what the business was about. 

    Captain Groom is your one-stop shop for all men's grooming products. 

    You can find out more about Captain Groom in the directory section of our website, and connect with Gary on Facebook through his business page.


    Captain Groom

    Jo Carson-Barr - Veritas Aotearoa Publishing

    Jo runs Veritas Aotearoa Publishing with her son, she is an author and her son an illustrator/animator, and they saw an opportunity to provide beautiful books of great quality for reasonable prices.  They wanted to create books that children and their parents would enjoy and hopefully learn from as well.

    Veritas was Jo's school motto and stands for truth in all things, integrity and honesty which she felt were key values in their business and how they deal with others.  She loved for the name Aotearoa to accompany it, the land of the long white cloud our place of birth.

    Veritas Aoearoa Publishing create beautifully illustrated children's books.

    You can find out more about Veritas Aotearoa Publishing in the directory section of our website, and connect with Jo Carson-Barr on Facebook through her business page.


     Veritas Aotearoa Publishing


    Zeeshan Cheema - Kiwiwallet.co.nz

    Zeeshan co-founded Kiwiwallet after attending a KPMG start up event and coming up with the idea.  Cashback is a very popular in the UK and USA and making good strides in New Zealand and Kiwiwallet is currently one of the highest paying cashback websites in New Zealand and they strive to offer the highest level of support their customers.

    Kiwiwallet.co.nz helps Kiwis to save on their online shopping.

    You can find out more about Kiwiwallet.co.nz in the directory section of our website, and connect with Zeeshan on Facebook through his business page

    Kiwi Wallet


    Abbey H - TopGate Marketing

    After many years in corporate marketing, Abbey started TopGate Marketing as she felt her skills could be put to better use helping business owners who are struggling to market their awesome businesses.  TopGate Marketing came about as Abbey's office overlooks their "Top Gate" which gave her inspiration, there are also lots of other subconscious links like helping get businesses to the "top" and opening up opportunity "gates" especially in rural and regional NZ.

    TopGate Marketing is all about no nonsense, clear and traceable marketing.  Transforming businesses through great marketing, it's straightforward, marketing in gumboots!

    You can connect with Abbey on Facebook through her business page.


    TopGate Marketing

    Sarai Hz - Memory Quilts NZ

    Sarai was inspired by her husband to start Memory Quilts NZ after losing her Nanna and heartbreakingly finding out that her clothing was was thrown away along with her Papa's which she had been lovingly storing for over 25 year!  Memory Quilts NZ encapsulates what Sarai does, she helps people create and keep special members to bond families together.

    Memory Quilts NZ helps create and keep special memories to bond families together.

    You can connect with Sarai on Facebook through her business page.

     Memory Quilts NZ

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