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    Know Your Audience

    Knowledge is power!

    Social Media is a powerful way to get your business out there to the world. Or at least, to New Zealand. In my opinion, if you're not using Social Media, you are missing out on a great opportunity and a large chunk of a potential audience.

    Facebook seems to be the hardest one to crack for Business Owners, so here are 5 tips I have found work for me, and may work for you too:

    1. Know your audience

    Ask yourself these questions: Are they women or men? What would you say the average household fits into - low, middle or high income? Where are they located? If you can answer these 3 simple questions, you should have a good foundation to build posts on.

    2. Tailor your posts

    With the above information about your audience, you need to give serious consideration to what posts you put out there. If your audience is middle to low income earners, then posting about expensive products or experiences will drive them away. You need to keep your posts relevant to your audience. All too often I see businesses unable to climb the Facebook ladder because their posts don't relate to anybody but themselves.

    3. Keep it real

    Nobody on Facebook wants to see business posts ALL the time. In my experience, they want to know the face behind the business. Obviously your products will speak for themselves, but when the audience starts getting to know you, they will interact with you more. Don't keep it serious all the time either - mix it up a bit with some humour.

    4. Know how the system works

    Facebook has an algorithm for everything. EVERYTHING. If you post something with swear words in it, Facebook will not put it out to as many people. If you have too much text in a picture, Facebook will pull back on reach. Did you know, if you post from your Instagram account DIRECT to your Facebook page, Facebook will detect this and pull back reach too? I highly suggest researching how Facebook works before you start posting on it.

    5. Acknowledge and Interact

    No matter how big or small your business is, acknowledging your audience keeps them involved. Make sure they know you see their posts. Comment on, like and share their responses if necessary. Imagine if you asked a question to someone in real life, and when they answered, you ignored them and just walked away. HOW RUDE, right?! So don't do that on Facebook - interact with them.

    If you take the above 5 tips into consideration, your audience will grow. Be yourself and try and put yourself in your audience's shoes. Think "what would I want to see if I was them". Remember - it's not all about you!

    Knowledge is power.

    This blog was written by Maria Foy from Happy Mum Happy Child.

    Website: www.happymumhappychild.co.nz

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/happymumhappychild

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/happymumhappychild

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