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    9 Tips For Getting Started With Snapchat Marketing

    Have you considered embracing Snapchat in your marketing? With 400 million snaps shared every day you would be silly to overlook this powerful platform.

    I started using Snapchat in my business as a spur of the moment decision and now it has completely overtaken Twitter and Facebook in my marketing. Snapchat is very visual, like Instagram but also fast paced and conversational like Twitter.

    1. Consider your audience

    Snapchat is very popular in the 18-24 year old bracket. That's not to say others aren't using it, but if you want the best results like with any marketing, you need to go where your people are. Snapchat is so easy though, that even if it's not the biggest place your target audience hangs out, from a time management perspective it's not going to take up too much of your time to create content and get people to add you.

    2. Time limit

    Snapchat is about spontaneity. One snap (picture) can stay visible for 10 seconds so make sure you can say what you want to say in that time. Once it's gone , it's gone for good. Make your content worth looking at especially if you want replays because your viewers only get one free replay a day and you want them to use it on you.

    3. Show personality

    Snapchat is a great way to show your audience a little bit of you and the behind the scenes of your business. Don't be afraid to be a little goofy and make the most of all the filters.

    4. User names

    Try to use your business name if it's available as it will make it even easier for people to add you. You should also include your snapchat handle in your Social Media 'about' sections and use your personalized ghost on your website if possible.

    5. Gaining friends

    Snapchatters can easily add you by username or by hovering over your ghost. This makes it super easy to add friends. Take a screenshot of your ghost and upload it to your other social media and include your username and a brief spiel about why they should add you. I personally add everyone back and immediately send them a 'hello snap'. Be friendly, no one likes a scary snapper.

    6. Use it for teasers

    Since Snapchat's timelimits can be changed it can be a great way to do product reveals and teasers. Create intrigue and start a conversation. Always snap people back.

    7. Use your story

    Snapchat offers a feature where you can add a story that lasts up to 24 hours. You can add more photos to it as often as you like. This also gives you the invaluable statistic of how many people are viewing your snaps by opening your story and swiping upwards. Use your story to engage people like you would a facebook post.

    8. Doodling

    Never underestimate the power of a good doodle. Doodles are contagious and if you are a good doodler you can easily start a conversation with your followers purely in doodles.

    9. Getting started

    Start by just taking quick shots throughout your day and adding them to your story. I snap my entire friendslist when I post a new blog or put a new photo up on Instagram followed up with a direct link to the post by opening the chat window and I have had a great response using this method.

    It may seem daunting to add another platform to your day but Snapchat can be very rewarding in creating good customer relationships and humanizing your brand. So dive on in, what have you got to lose?

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