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    Tips To Freshen Up Your Facebook Page

    So you have set up your Facebook page and are officially online – great! But is it going to promote your business effectively? How do you connect in with the greater Facebook community, and target those who would be interested in what you have to offer?

    I have seen so many people set up a page which doesn’t make the most of their brand, is static and after an initial burst, is rarely active or interesting. Your page needs to be more than a placeholder to receive attention.

    Here are a few steps you can follow to review your page and rate how you are doing, remembering even established pages need a refresh periodically.

    The Look

    Before promoting your page, make sure it looks great! Your profile pic should be your current photo or logo and not change unless you rebrand; your cover picture should be sized correctly and highlight your business name. I personally recommend changing your cover picture quarterly to give a seasonal refresh – photos with people and activity are the best received. Or if you want to get creative, try www.canva.us as a great programme to play around with a cover pic with different backgrounds, uploaded pictures and your own unique wording, all sized to Facebook dimensions.

    The Likes

    A page with only 3 Likes has very little credibility…you also need to reach a minimum threshold of 30 Likes to receive Insights (your Facebook page stats) so this should be your first goal. Use the “Invite your Friends” feature to boost your Likes, make sure you have plenty of friends on your personal account to achieve this. Ask people who already Like you to invite their friends too!

    The Connections

    While signed in as your page, Like other pages which connect with you and your business. Think outside the square – your suppliers, the local councils, business associations, schools – anyone with lots of Likes who may then Like you back! This means your page may pop up in the “Liked by this page” section when people view these popular pages.

    The Competition

    Always check out your competitor’s pages – see what they are doing, what looks like it is working – sometimes a great source of inspiration! Don’t steal anything that is bound by copyright, but adapt the style of successful posts to suit your own business.

    The Posts

    Make sure you put something on your page a minimum of 2-3 times per week to keep up activity, some people recommend daily. Think about what would interest your customers – are they into local news, cats, economic forecasts etc. Pictures and videos are a must, share any interesting posts that you see and schedule your posts ahead of time to keep up a regular flow. Activity builds interaction – be active! One caution – be careful not to overdo it, 5 posts a day can lead to people becoming tired of you and unliking your page.

    Once you have got all the above in a place where you are happy, you can now investigate paid Facebook advertising – the next chapter.

    Need help or want to learn more? Contact Kirstyn at Action Promotions on 021 312 230 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss a tailored training/page management package.

    Do you have tips to freshen up your Facebook page? Add them in the comments below!

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