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    Using Hashtags On Instagram

    Hey guys, if you're looking to dominate on Instagram one of the most crucial things you need to know about is hashtags. Hashtags are a simple way to categorise your pictures so it's easy for other people to find content they are interested in.

    Each hashtag has its own separate feed and is searchable on Instagram so you can browse through them. The hashtags you use can make your pictures viral even if you don't have many followers. Don’t bother including hashtags in your bio as they are not searchable there and you only get 150 characters to sell yourself. The exception to this might be a brand asking it’s customers to use their hashtag for a chance to be featured. So here are 8 tips for you to try out.

    1. Don't be too specific

    As important as it is to attract the right kind of audience to your Instagram page, if you use hashtags that are too specific you run the risk of no one actually viewing or searching that hashtag.

    E.g. #blackandwhitecameonecklace - its highly unlikely anyone will be searching on that; more suitable hashtags could be #blackandwhite #cameonecklace

    2. Use a mix of hashtags

    Use a mixture of local hashtags and slightly broader and more popular global ones. Local tags are great for getting noticed by people in your area who are more likely purchase from you. Popular hashtags can be good for increasing engagement.

    E.g. Local: #nzmade #aucklandphotographer #handmadenz #nzbeauty #madeinnz #wellingtonflorist

    E.g. Global and popular: #instadaily #love #ootd #summer #fashion #instacool

    Add in some ‘moderately’ popular hashtags too as part of your mix.

    E.g. #makeup currently has 74,121,799 posts (your post will be competing with many others and may get lost), but a moderately popular one like #makeuplove has 394,236 posts – it is still popular and your post might stand out more.

    3. Use more hashtags

    Most social media experts recommend you use around 11 hashtags as the optimal number for getting the best engagement without appearing spammy, but you can use up to 30 on each post. Using more hashtags means it appears in different hashtag feeds which will help it be seen by more people. Make sure you include our hashtag #networknz

    4. Comments section

    You can put your hashtags in the comments section. This keeps the description of your photo from looking spammy with too many hashtags. Your photo will still appear in the hashtag feed.

    5. #like4like and #follow4follow

    If you're keen to find a way to get easy engagement / follows you can try these. They are hashtags that encourage people to like/follow/comment on your photos in exchange for you doing the same on theirs. Some people find this method spammy, so it's definitely not for everyone.

    6. Research the best hashtags for your business

    Finding popular hashtags is really simple you can either google the top hashtags for pages like yours or you could have a look at pages similar to yours and see what they are using. Try to think like a customer. What hashtags will they be searching on to find a business like yours?

    Check for trending hashtags in your industry here > http://top-hashtags.com/

    7. Follow trends

    An easy way to get popular photos on Instagram is to follow what's trending. Instagram is all about the latest thing. An easy way to find trends is to click on the magnifying glass on your dashbar and have a look through the top posts on there. A really popular thing right now is Flat Lays.

    8. Utilise 'Notes'

    Try creating relevant batches of hashtags to save as a Notes on your phone. Then it’s really easy to grab a copy and paste it into your post.


    Once you get your head around them, hashtags are not that difficult; and doing a smidge of research will make all the difference. If you're still feeling a bit lost when it comes to Instagram make sure you check out our Instagram Starters Blog for some tips to help kickstart your Instagram. Our best advice is to experiment and find what works for you.

    Do you have any suggestions for using hashtags on Instagram? Add them in the comments below!

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