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    Looking For Funding For Your New Zealand Based Business?

    Starting up and running a business in New Zealand is not cheap. While many business owners can manage to do it on the smell of an oily rag, others need some help in the form of grants or other types of funding.

    While most of us head to Google to hunt out business funding options, the media has recently chatted with one start up business owner who was scammed just by doing this. That leads us to asking, how can you find a trustworthy business funding source?

    Finding Funding for Your NZ Business

    Google brings us the world at our fingertips. While this is a fabulous tool, it has the potential to land you in hot water if you fall for a scam.

    On the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s website (MBIE), they recommend that you should never pay money to anyone who promises to get you a grant if you pay a fee. They also recommend you start your search for funding or support with the Regional Business Partner Network.

    Funding for your business can come in many forms. It can be in cash grants, vouchers for training or subsidies for set up costs. It can also come in non-monetary forms, which are certainly just as valuable. These include business mentoring, support, advice and training.

    On the MBIE website, they offer several avenues for you to explore, some of which include funding, with others offering advice and support. These include:

    Other options to get funding including borrowing from a bank, friend or family, selling something or saving up.

    Remember the golden rule – you should not have to pay someone to get a grant. If in doubt, check out the Commerce Commission’s website.

    They keep it up to date with the latest known business scams. Or you could call MBIE on 0800 424 946 for a chat too.

    Have we missed anything? Please add your suggestions as a comment.

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