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    12 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

    It’s the question on everyone’s lips: what are the best ways to grow your email list? Then the next question people ask, why do you even need one at all?

    Stop right now! Yes, you do need to collect those important addresses and grow your email list. It is far easier to sell your products or services to someone who already knows your business, than a cold prospect. As the people on your subscription list would have given you their address, you know they’re already interested in what you say.

    If you are not collecting new addresses or you want some fresh ideas on how to do that, then check out these twelve easy ideas.

    12 Tips on How to Grow Your Email List

    Even with our stringent anti-spam laws, our email boxes are packed full of news, special offers and suggestions from businesses wanting to sell us something. That leads to a reluctance to hand over our email addresses without getting something great in return. So, how can you motivate people to give you their email details?

    1. Create amazing email content – put as much effort into creating your newsletters as you do your website content and social media presence.
    2. Give away a free tool or resource – create a cheat sheet, eBook or whitepaper to give away in exchange for their email address.
    3. Promote on social media – tell people about your fabulous and exclusive emails and give the link to sign up on your social media pages.
    4. Use Pinterest – put images up on Pinterest which link to your email opt in website pages.
    5. Host a webinar – present a webinar on a topic your audience will respond to and collect email details when they register for it.
    6. Use a QR code – put a QR code on all of your printed material which links to your sign-up page on your website.
    7. Use your website header – turn your website header into a call to action by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.
    8. Extend your blogs – after a visitor has read your blog, offer them a whitepaper with extra information on that subject by signing up to your database.
    9. Be clear – clearly describe what people will get and when they will get it if they sign up to your list.
    10. Run a contest – host a competition using an app which requires people to give you their email address in order to enter.
    11. Use social sharing buttons – include social sharing buttons in your emails so subscribers can easily share your content with the world.
    12. Offer multiple calls to action – don’t just have an email sign up spot on one website page – have it on each one!

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