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    Should You DIY or Hire Professionals to Help Grow Your Business?

    You’ve been running your own business for a while. Having learnt as you go, you’re quickly realising that while you’ve learnt a lot, there’s a ton more you don’t know! You know you’ve got to grow your business, but should you continue to learn on the job or should you hire professionals to help? Today we’re going to walk through the pros and cons of both doing it yourself and working with a business professional.

    You Want to Grow Your Business – How Should You Do It?

    As a small business owner, you are used to doing everything yourself. From sourcing or creating your products, managing your social media account and doing your own marketing, you’re like a Jack of all trades. But is this the best choice for your business? Should you take the time to learn new business skills or bite the bullet and pay someone to help you?

    First up, let’s look at the pros and cons of growing your business on your own.

    Can You Grow Your Business Successfully on Your Own?

    The person who knows your business best is you. Does that make you the best person to make decisions for it? Yes and no – here’s why:

    • You know exactly what is happening in your business, but you may not understand why
    • You know you need to market your business and have done so, but are not sure where to go next
    • You’ve made some few sales locally, but don’t know how to take your business nationwide
    • People love your products, but you haven’t nailed down your target market
    • You set up your own website, but no one is finding it using Google
    • Your business is breaking even, but you want to start making a profit
    • You are rushed off your feet and don’t have time to work on your business

    Some or all of these points may resonate with you. The key to whether or not you invest in some advice for your business really boils down to one question: are you happy with what you’re doing and where you’re going?

    When is it Time to Call in the Professionals?

    It’s a good idea to meet with a business advisor or an experienced business owner first. Talk with them about where you are wanting to take your business. Chances are they will be able to identify the support you need to grow your business, letting you know the type of business professional you should work with. They might even have the knowledge to help you out themselves.

    When it comes to choosing which business provider to work with, ask around. Word of mouth is an effective way to learn who has helped who and with what. If you end up drawing a blank, our Network NZ Leader Panel offer a wide range of business services from accounting to legal help, marketing to social media.

    Joining our free Facebook Business Group is also a great way to learn new tips.

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