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    How to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

    Christmas is coming, Santa is watching and there’s no sign of snow. Chances are, you’re wondering how you’re going to get your business ready for the holidays. Is it too late? Is it too early? What jobs should you be doing? Let’s jump into finding more about how you can prepare your business for the upcoming holidays.

    5 Steps Which Can Help You Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays

    As a business owner, whether you are solely online or have a physical store or office, planning for the holiday season is key. There are five things you can do which will give you a head start and help keep things running smoothly.

    Check your stock – at this time of the year, everyone is buying Christmas presents. During the year, you would have a good handle on what sells well. Make sure you have enough stock of those products to keep you going.

    Check your website – is your website running correctly? Is it all up to date, including your stock levels? Are all your products loaded and are they priced correctly? Make sure you’ve clearly stated when the cut off for shipping is and if you have a physical store, your address is on your website.

    Create a marketing plan – it’s only going to get busier! Now is the time to create and schedule all your social media posts, advertisements and blogs. You will also need to plan your promotions of products, services and even sales.

    Set up your email marketing – send out emails to your subscribers informing them of the ways you can make things easier for them at this time of the year. It’s also a good time to let them know your opening hours over Christmas and New Year. You could even hint at what you’re doing next year and how they can benefit from it too.

    Organise your workplace – this is especially important if you have a physical store or office. Decorating it with Christmas decorations not only brings festive cheer, but also gives customers and clients a sense of urgency. They know the end of the year is coming, so it is time to get things sorted.

    By following these five steps, not only will your stress levels be lower, but they’ll also help you get your business ready for the holidays. Remember, if you’re looking for help with your business or get in some Christmas shopping, head over to our Business Directory now!

    See you in our FREE Business Support and Networking Group and Merry Christmas!

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